Can I buy a voucher for an Escape Room?

Yes! What better gift is there than mystery and intrigue?

Give us a call so that we can organise a voucher.

What does it cost?

The prices are based per person, the more people in the room, the cheaper it is per person!

Number of PlayersCost per PlayerCost per Room

How can I cancel my booking?

Bookings are non refundable. If you must cancel your booking, please give us a call as soon as possible and we can try to reschedule your appointment.  No changes can be made within 24 hours of your booking. 

I need to change my booking!

We need as much notice as possible as we don’t want anyone to miss out on a slot and we have staff to look after. Give us a call and we will do our best to accommodate a different time.  If the slot is available, then no problem! 

How long does the game take?

The game itself is 60 minutes, however you should allow 90 minutes to go through waivers, story, take pictures, high five your friends, revel in your victory (or otherwise)

How old do I have to be to play?

This depends on your game. Elf Escape and Tekapo’s Temple are both open for all ages.  Undead Army and Doctor’s Demons both have disturbing themes and images inside the rooms, however it is all in good fun!  We recommend children are over 12 years of age for these games.  Any children under the age of 16 not accompanied by an adult will need parental permissions to play. 

Will we be playing with other people? Strangers?

Never fear, when you book a room then it will only be for those you have booked. We won’t lock anybody else up with you.  That would be weird. 

Will the doors actually be locked?

Some are locked some aren’t, but never fear! You can always get out at the touch of a button.  If you need to leave for other reasons, your game master can always assist.

Can I pay when I get there?

A deposit is due when you first make your booking, then the remainder is paid on your arrival.

How scary is it?

There are dark themes and some props in the room that might be confronting, however it is all in good fun and you are in no danger.

I’m claustrophobic! Will this be okay for me?

Never fear, our rooms are regular sized rooms and you can leave at any time. If, however, you are afraid of Santa Claus, probably don’t do the elf escape (tee hee)

What if my whole team doesn’t show up?

We only charge for the number of players who enter the room.

For example, if you booked a 5 person game for $185 and only 4 people arrive to play, then you will only be charged for 4 people at $152.