The Way Out

What IS an escape room?

We are a family owned, built, operated and created escape room unique to the region. Having done Escape Rooms all over the world, we wanted to bring our own flavor back home to share with our region.

With the help of our team, we have designed and built the rooms, decorations and puzzles ourselves so that we can have full control over the experience we provide. We are very proud of what we have accomplished and we hope to continue to create new adventures for many years to come.

Who can play


We cater to all ages! Everybody thinks differently and our games are fun for both young and old alike.


Our rooms are perfect for a corporate team bonding exercise. Our puzzles encourage team work, outside the box thinking and collaboration.


Get a team together and enter the real life adventure game!

An escape room is a real-life, immersive adventure game.

So you’ve heard about it here and there, but what is it?  You and your team of 2-6 people will find yourselves in a themed room and given one hour to complete your mission and ‘escape’ the room.  Don’t worry, you are never actually ‘locked in’ and can leave at any time.  This fully immersive adventure game will require you to find hidden clues, keys and solve challenging puzzles in order to progress through the room.  So take a look underneath the rug, pull the books on the shelves, does that painting look a little crooked to you?  But hurry, the clock is ticking the moment you enter and you have to rely on each other to free yourselves!

2 to 6 Players

60 minutes of game

Tons of Adventure

Who can play

Bookings are essential!  We are open by appointment because of the nature of the rooms.  We have appointments every day of the week (except Monday) from 9am to 8:30pm (Weekends)